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Conditional Offer Letter Web Form for Professional Research Staff


An offer of employment represents the culmination of the hiring process for professional research staff. Before any hire can be made, the terms of the offer must be determined and an approved offer letter issued to the candidate by a designated University hiring official. The following individuals are designated hiring officials:

  • President
  • Vice presidents
  • Academic deans of the University's eleven schools
  • University librarian

Hiring authority may be delegated in writing by one of these individuals with the approval of the president or the appropriate vice president. An offer issued by an individual who is not a designated hiring official is not considered binding nor is it considered to be a valid offer.

All offers of employment are conditional and are subject to the approval of the president, the vice president and provost, and, as required, the University's Board of Visitors.

All offer letters should contain certain elements and should conform to the standard University offer letter. While other terms and conditions may be included as part of the offer of employment, the following items must be incorporated:

  • Title (one of the five approved titles for professional research staff)
  • Effective date of appointment
  • Term (or length) of appointment
  • Salary
  • Name of the candidate's supervisor
  • Foreign national information (if applicable)
  • Requirement to abide by the University's Code of Ethics
  • Requirement to comply with EO/AA policies
  • Reference to the policies which govern the terms and conditions of employment

Offer letters that deviate from the required information must be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost before being issued.

The tool provided below, will generate a standard conditional offer letter based on the information entered by the user.

This conditional offer letter is specific to the hiring of professional research staff at the University of Virginia. It is not intended to be used for the hiring of faculty, classified staff, University staff, or any other category of employees, who are governed by separate policies.

Saving a File

To save a customized conditional offer letter to your computer:

  • Complete all the required fields in the Web form.
  • Select File > Save As
  • Type a path and filename for the file. The file will automatically appear as a text file, but can be saved as a Word document, if desired.
  • Save the document in the folder or file of your choice.


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